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Many of us do not know that poetry started in our Bharata,Valmiki, was the first person to compose poems ,he wrote 24,000 shlokas(poems) in anustubh Chanda in his great work Ramayana.

मा निषाद प्रतिष्ठां त्वमगमः शाश्वतीः समाः । यत्क्रौंचमिथुनादेकमवधी काममोहितम् ।।

which was the first poem to be ever written So as soon as we say Poems ,The first name that comes to my mind is Kalidasa! Yes folks , not shakespere, but Kalidasa! THE GREATEST POET OF ALL TIME!

पुरा कवीनां गणना प्रसंगॆ अधिष्टिकाधिष्टित काळिदास ।

अद्यापि तत्तुल्य कवॆरभावात् अनामिका सार्थवती बभूव ॥

The shloka means Once when great men sat to give rank to the greatest poets ,they selected Kalidasa with the first finger, but they couldn’t find a poet who could even match kalidasa to be selected with the second finger, so even today the second finger is known as anamika(anonymous)

Kalidasa has written 3 fantastic dramas, which is still considered the BEST in the field of drama.His important plays are Malavikangnimitram,abhijnanashakuntalam,vikramorvashiyam.He is one of the Mahakavis, and has written 2 Mahakavyas, Raghuvamsha and Kumarasambhava. He has also written khandakavyas like Ruthu Samhara and Meghaduta.

In his Poems we can see the awesome use of similes (Upama) .This shloka says it all

उपमा कालिदासस्य भारवेरर्थगौरवम् दण्डिनः पदलालित्यं माघे सन्ति त्र्यो गुणाः ॥

Which clearly tells us that Kalidasa’s Speciality was Similes and he was great in usage of Similes .

A shloka which clearly shows us the beauty of Kalidasas similes(upamas) is

संचारिणी दीपशिखेव रात्रौ यं यं व्यतीयाय पतिंवरा सा नरेन्द्रमार्गाट्ट इव प्रपेदे विवर्णभावं स स भूमिपालः ॥६,६७॥

During the swayamwara of Indumati,she was like a lamp in the darkness of night

she lit up the faces of the princes near whom she walked with the garland of marraige

as she passed by them indicating their unworth, she left them in the darkness just as the lamp would when taken away from you.

He had a great wit.Once hen the king asked every court poet to write a shloka using the letters KA KHA GA GHA, no one could write the poem , but when Kalidasa was asked, he quickly said , “कात्वंबालेकाञ्चनमाला. कस्याः पुत्री कनकलतायाः । हस्ते किं ते तालीपत्रं. का वा रेखा क ख ग घ ॥“ “He asks a lil child “who are u child”? she replies “I am kanchanamala” ,to this he asks”Whos daughter are u?” then she says “ kanakalata’s” ,He asks her”whats written on the paper in ur hands?” to this she says “ka kha ga gha”

All his works were not just imaginary,some of his works were based on the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and he has expressed those stories so beautifully that we feel how beautiful sanskrit language is when we read his shlokas.His meghaduta(Cloud as the servant) is so scientific that even today the cloud behaves in the way he has expressed in his shlokas! WOW! INCREDIBLE!!People call Kalidasa as the Shakespeare of India, but after reading some of Kalidasas shlokas, I say that in-front of Kalidasa, Shakespeare doesn’t even deserve the tag of “Kalidasa of England”!!

वन्दे संस्कृत मातरम्

संस्कृत अभिमानी,


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