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As high school students, you’ve taken the German language classes for numerous years until you have become an expert in reading, writing and speaking German. When being proficient in another language, you should show it off by taking the SAT Subject Tests to impress colleges with your bilingual and multilingual studies.

SAT Subject Tests are 20 tests in multiple choice format that allows students to show their high academics on a subject and place their achievements as credentials on their college application. For people who have taken German, you can take the German with Listening SAT Subject tests.

Taking The German With Listening SAT Subject Tests

The German with Listening SAT Subject tests is composed of two sections: the reading test and the listening test. Make sure you bring along a CD player with headphones so that you can take the listening portion of the test, according to the CollegeBoard.

If you are a senior taking German classes, make sure you take the test before submitting your college application while keeping in mind you should take the test as far into the course schedule as you can. Have at least two years of language study and follow all college requirements in regards to the Subject Tests.

Take the German with Listening SAT Subject Tests to highlight your achievements in learning the German language. It will enhance your application and may help with enrollment into your dream college.

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